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2340 Southgate Blvd. Murfreesboro, TN 37128

Flexible Options

Buying outright? Enjoy no lease payments, interest or fees. Leasing? You’ll love our manageable monthly payments, no large capital outlay, and our help keeping your equipment up to date. Considering rental? Unlock many of the same advantages of ownership or leasing at-scale as you need.

Rental is perfect for seasonal offices, construction sites, trade shows, festivals, disaster sites, events, temporary hospitals and more. We offer a full range of choices: from a simple black and white copier to a high speed color multifunction option, we’re ready to meet your rental needs with great rates and great service.

  • Get the ideal solution for your exact need
  • No long term commitments or large capital outlay
  • No 3rd party leasing companies
  • On-site service and supplies

New businesses need copiers too.

Most third party lease companies require at least two years of business history, sometimes more depending on the industry. Perhaps your business is in need of a commercial grade copier/printer/scanner solution but you’re struggling to qualify for a lease because you’re too new? MTR’s copier rental program may be the perfect solution.

We take pride in serving both our established clients of any size and those just starting out. No matter the level of need, you’ll have our decades of experience and flexible options at your service so you can focus on your business goals, not your printing.

Sales & Leasing: Choose to purchase your equipment outright and you’ll decide if you want a service agreement. If leasing is right for you, enjoy the stability of our relationship with leasing partners to support any scale of deployment.

We’ll help you choose which of these options saves your business the most money and boosts the productivity of your staff. Our courteous and professional team brings our clients over a century of combined expertise and leads the industry in exceeding expectations.